Ayurveda and Today

Our diet and lifestyle has changed due to globalization and modernization in the past few decades. We all have moved majorly from being a farmer to techies; from open fields to enclosed offices / factories; hard physical labour to hard core mental work; we are hardly physically active like the hunter-gatherers / farmers and restricted our muscles and joints to our office desk and chair; we replaced our diet from local grown fresh food to imported / unseasonal food, food with is stored, freeze and pumped with preservatives / food from the industries, etc; from being social animal to isolated souls. Currently, we are not as physically active as our ancestors; pumping our body with unknown chemicals; constantly exposing our eyes to the computer and mobile screens and radiations; isolating ourselves from our family, friends and neighbours; from a social life to mechanical life. These rapid changes in life are the primary cause of various lifestyle diseases like Diabetes mellitus, hypertension and cardiac disorders; psychiatric disorders like depression, anxiety, insomnia, mood swings and genetic disorders like cancer.

So now how do we help ourselves out of this mess?

  • We need to change our diet according to our lifestyle.
  • Eat more fibre rich diet, preferably home / locally grown fruits and vegetables, meat, etc. 
  • Avoid using chemicals on the skin, food, etc. Try to live more natural. Stick to a routine in life, with regular physical exercise like jogging, swimming or some sort of sports.
  • Try and make efforts and socialise with people around. Try and be nice to people around you. Have a more satvik lifestyle and diet.
  • Attend all the health related concerns immediately including minor gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Undergo regular detox therapy to remove all the unwanted toxins accumulated in the body. We accumulate toxins (eg. free radicals, etc) as by-products as part of metabolism, which can be eliminated by detoxification. 
  • Have principles in life and stick to it. Be good do good.

Ayurvedic Texts dating back to 3000 yr ago describes about principles of life, physiology of the body in terms of three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha), describes etiopathology of almost all the diseases and their treatment and certain surgical procedures. Ancient India had trained ancient scholarly surgeons like Sushruta. He is praised till date for his Rhinoplasty a grafting technique. Ayurveda believes certain food and lifestyle are responsible for a disease. Thus, Treatment is not just herbal concoctions and therapies or surgery but also emphasis is given to diet and lifestyle.