We provide Ayurvedic Consultation, Treatment and Therapies 


Baliga Ayurveda is a clinic in London for Ayurvedic Consultation for diet and lifestyle modification, rejuvenation therapy, detoxification and management of various disorders. Baliga Ayurveda upholds the traditional methods of treating various diseases by certified Ayurvedic Doctor / Therapists. Most of the Ayurvedic Medicines (herbal medicines) are prepared by using organically grown herbs.



We provide Consultation for leading a Healthy Lifestyle the Ayurvedic way. We analyse your Dosha Prakruti (Normal body Constitution / Phenotype) and then based on that we provide you a suitable Diet and Lifestyle for your specific body type


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THERAPIES & Massages

Massage therapy helps in improving the circulation and flushing off toxins accumulated in the cells as well as intracellular spaces


Our packages will help you in aiding detoxification , rejuvenation and bringing the beauty of you from within 

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Ayurveda has specific protocol for treating different types of diseases, and addresses the root cause

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the oldest system of life science known to mankind with the main focus being Healthcare.

Ayurveda believes in the theory of 5 elements or 3 doshas (biological energies). i.e., Any life on earth is a combination of these 5 elements (fire, water, earth, air and cosmic energy) and the balance in these five elements, create harmony between the body, mind and spirit.