+ Deep Tissue Massage

45 Mins - £53
55 Mins - £62
1 Hr 25 Mins - £90

Deep Tissue Massage with Herb infused Oil enhances the effect of traditional massage by stimulating deeper layers of the muscles, fascia, blood vessels, nerves, etc. Very effective in relieving chronic neuralgia, myalgia, other musculoskeletal aches and pains and stress. This is very refreshing and thus, after a good Deep Tissue Massage one should feel, a sense of well being, relaxed, energised and lighter. The duration of the massage varies depending on the surface area of the client. If you are tall and big man I suggest you to consider taking massage for 1hr 25min and if you are a small and tiny woman then 45min should be sufficient.

+ Swedish Massage

25 Mins - £35
50 Mins - £60

A relaxing Massage is provided with specific oil based on one's body constitution. This helps in relaxation and reducing stress. It also improves the lustre of the skin and helps in improving the cutaneous circulation. Massage more than 45 min will be full body Massage from head to toe. Due to the limitation of time Massage less than 45 min will not include head, face and foot due to the limitation of time.

+ Therapeutic Massage

45 Mins - £50
1Hr 15 Mins - £80
1 Hr 45 Mins - £115
2 Hr 15 Mins - £150

Therapeutic Massage is a massage carried out using a combination of warm Ayurvedic Oil and heat therapy. It is useful in various rheumatological and neurological conditions such as strains and sprains of the muscles, sciatica, whiplash, Osteo Arthritis of the knees, Achilles, sports injury, chronic pain, etc. It can be done to specific joints, arms, legs, back, head, neck, shoulders and feet depending on the condition. Massage more than 45 min will be full body Massage from head to toe. Due to the limitation of time Massage less than 45 min will not include head, face and foot.

+ Ayurvedic Massage

50 Mins - £63
60 Mins - £73

Abhyanga (Oil Massage) followed by Sweda (Steam therapy) is a traditional Indian Massage. Specific oil is used based on one’s Prakruti (body constitution) or Vikruti (disease condition). Massage with Steam Therapy helps in improving the circulation and flushing off toxins accumulated in the cells as well as intracellular spaces and relax the muscle tissues, stimulates the free nerve ending and the nervous, release endocrines, nourishes the skin and mildly exfoliates the skin. It is rejuvenating as well as therapeutic. We use a wide range of medicated oil specific to alleviate any skin, musculoskeletal or nerve related disorders.

+ Ayurvedic Marma Massage

60 Mins - £80
80 Mins - £100
Marma Massage is a specialised Massage performed using specific Ayurvedic Oil picked based on one's individual needs. The Massage is performed by triggering the Maramas (pressure points) using different intensity of pressure on different regions. These Marma points are Acupressure points which are activated during massage to release stress and tension. Some of us are believed to carry stress on our shoulders which, reflects as shoulder pain or stiffness. This massage followed by steam produces a sense of relaxation and lightness and detox like effect as some of the toxins are excreted via sweat. 80 min Massage is suitable for a tall big muscular / sports person. Very effective in treating, muscles spasms, chronic / deep seated pain and stiffness.

+ Kalary Massage

55 Mins - £100
Kalary is an extreme form of Deep Tissue Massage using feet. The therapist will be balancing himself between a rope and one’s body to provide maximum pressure to reach much deeper layers of muscles, blood vessels and nerves. This is very relaxing after a very hot stem therapy. It is relaxing and rejuvenating. This is a full body Massage with back and limbs are massed using foot and the head, face, neck, chest and abdomen are massed using the hands.

+ Powder Massage / Udwarthana

25 Mins - £45
55 Mins - £75

Powder / paste of herbs which help in reducing the subcutaneous fat are used for massage followed by steam. This is one of the very effective therapies for reducing the subcutaneous fat, obesity, hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia. It can also be done on a specific region of the body like for example abdomen to reduce the abdominal obesity. Massage more than 45 min will be full body Massage from head to toe. The Head, face, hands and feet are massaged using only oil. Massage less than 45 min will be limited to abdomen, back and hips.

+ Indian Head Massage

20 Mins - £30
30 Mins - £40

Indian head massage is performed using various herb infused oil. The oil is chose based on the desire of the outcome of the massage. Different oils are used for Insomnia, headaches, hair fall, dandruff, etc.

+ Face Massage

25 Mins - £35

+ Back Massage

25 Mins - £35

+ Neck & Shoulder Massage

15 Mins - £30
30 Mins - £45

+ Hand Massage

25 Mins - £35

+ Foot Massage

15 Mins - £25
25 Mins - £35
40 Mins - £50

Therapeutic massage performed combining Acupressure and Reflexology techniques. Effective in treating various health conditions like Insomnia, GI disorders, Plantar fasciitis, etc.